Nickel alloys

Nickel Alloy Applications at Super Metal industry

Nickel alloys have varied applications in modern days and are essential in creating electromagnets and electronic plating. Nickel alloys including German silver wires or nickel silver wires are being used in various technological uses, that include cell phones and electrical/electronic appliances. It also has varied uses in zippers, jewelry, some marine applications and musical instruments. Nickel as a metal is also showing potential for use in cheaper new age technologies like clean energy, fuel cells and solar cells. Recent research in the potential of nickel in the generation of energy is also finding new potential of nickel to bring beneficial innovations in the future.

Its strength, hardness and ductility, as well as, superior corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity and magnetic properties make nickel alloys incredibly versatile and suitable for a variety of applications. It is also cheaper compared to various other metals. Nickel alloys come in rod and wire forms of various size and shapes, helping in the use of various applications.

Nickel silver is one of the most popular alloys of nickel. It is a copper-nickel-zinc alloy that does not contain any trace of silver. It gets its name from its silvery white color and finish. Nickel silver wires are extremely hard, corrosion and abrasion resistant and nonmagnetic. Nickel silver has seen a huge shift in its applications from coins and ornamental objects, to industrial and electrical purposes.