Brass Wire

SMI manufactures brass wire rods ranging between sizes 1.5 mm to 12 mm. Brass wire rods have a wide range of applications including riveting, watch cases and belts, electric and electrical components and more. Brass wire rods are highly corrosion resistant and have high conductivity.

Our brass wire rods come in the following composition

Rod Diameter range :-  1.5 mm to 12 mm

Rod Length Range :- 60 MM to 700 MM

CSL Alloys ISO UK German USA
BS DIN ASTM Copper Zinc
70/30 CuZn30 CZ106 CuZn30 C25000 60.5 – 71.50% Rem
65/35 CuZn35 CZ107 CuZn35 C26000 63.0 – 68.5% Rem
63/37 CuZn37 CZ108 CuZn37 C27000 62.0 – 65.0% Rem
60/40 CuZn40 CZ109 CuZn40 C28000 59.0 – 62.0% Rem