Brass wire

SMI has decades of experience in the manufacture of brass alloys of various composition, shapes and sizes. We have developed in-house technologies and machinery to be able to produce exceptional quality wires to suit our customer requirements. Our installed machinery has a capacity to manufacture wires that can cater to the demands of a wide range of applications that include jewellery, fasteners, electronics and more.

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• EDM wires
• Riveting brass wire
• industrial brass wire
• lead free brass wire
• brass zipper wire
• brass jewellery wire
• brass stitching wire
• yellow brass wire
• brass wire for wire mesh
• brass brush wire
• naval brass wire
• brass hook wire

Bronze wire

SMI is proficient in manufacturing bronze wires and rods of customer specific shapes, sizes and composition. Our bronze wires have high tensile strength and are resistant to corrosion.

Find more about our bronze wire offering below

• Phosphor bronze wire
• Bronze fastener wire
• bronze spring wire
• marine bronze wire
• tin bronze wire
• antique bronze wire
• bronze electrode wire
• silicon bronze wire


SMI manufactures lead free brass and bronze rods of 6 mm upto 10 mm in diameter. We have a range of customers using our rods in hardware, fittings and other industries.

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• lead free brass rods
• phosphorous bronze rods
• naval brass rods

Other wires

At Super Metal Industries, we are tirelessly researching and innovating, to manufacture non ferrous wires of various composition as per our customer requirements. You can drop us a message if you have any specific custom composition to manufacture and we will readily send a sample for your perusal.

Some of our new products that have seen huge success include

• Nickel silver wire
• Brass flat wires/ Strips
• bronze flat wires/ Strips