Red Brass Wire

SMI manufactures red brass wires, often called gunmetal, which has a composition of 85% copper and 15% zinc. It is also refered to as brass 230. Since Red brass has a higher copper content , it has a rich darker color than yellow brass. It is widely used in craft work, sculptures and jewelry. Red brass is also known as rich low brass, jeweler’s brass, jeweler’s bronze, NuGold or Merlin’s gold.

Red brass due to high copper content is a tougher alloy and is highly corrosion resistant. Some applications where red brass is extremely suitable are mentioned.

  • Since red brass is highly corrosion resistant, it is used in pipes, fittings and other plumbing material.
  • It is used in artistic work, architecture and sculptures where soldering is required.
  • Because of its beautiful color and shine it is used extensively in jewelry and related work
  • Due to the ease of fabrication, red brass is used in products that require blanking, etching, stamping and piercing.
  • Red brass wires are used in the strings of various musical instruments because of its acoustic property