Brass Brush Wire

Brass wires are most preferred for industrial brushes, for various reasons

  • Brass wires are corrosion resistant
  • Brass wires do not rust, unlike the steel brushes
  • Brass wires are softer and do not scratch the surface of other metals during usage
  • Brass wire is most suitable while working in hazardous environments since they do not generate sparks when brushed against other metals
  • Brass wires can withstand high temperatures upt0 200 deg C

At SMI, we manufacture brass wires for various brush forms. Some of them include

  • Wheel brushes
  • End brushes
  • Maintenance brushes
  • Cup brushes
  • Strip brushes

and more

Our wires are available in sizes upwards of 0.01 inches diameter. The most popular alloy composition for brushes is the CuZn30 with 70% Copper and 30% Zinc.