Checklist to Choose a Suitable Metal Wire for your Requirements

Metal wire may seem like an easy thing to order, however there are several factors to consider before deciding on the suitable wire for your requirement.

The key to accurately ordering metal wire, particularly focussing on brass wire, phosphor bronze wire, copper wire etc, is making sure you’re aware of the exact specifications you need for your application .

In this article we will cover the basic knowledge required regarding your application to choose the right wire for your requirement. We will be focussing on non ferrous metal wires like brass wire, phosphor bronze wire, copper wire, german silver wire etc.

  1. Research on your requirement, market and application. Even a look at what competitors are using will give you a good starting point.Example: – Suppose you are making Imitation Jewellery,  firstly understand all the different metals used
    in imitation jewellery. In this case,  mostly Brass Wire or Phosphor Bronze Wire is used.
  1. Now from the above research you have to choose a specific chemical composition and hardness based on the mechanical property of your application.
  • Suppose you are making industrial items like Bolts, springs, etc. Based on your previous research you would have obtained a basic idea of the mechanical properties suiting your requirement. Mostly for bolts brass wire of mechanical property CuZn40 is used.
  1. Then based on the need of your application/customer, you would know the size or diameter required.
  • To know the basic convertor of size in mm to thou or to inches visit this page.( SWG to MM )
  1. After obtaining the above basic knowledge, call your supplier to discuss your requirement further. (For getting a good deal on  brass wire and bronze wire drop an enquiry or call on 9727715795)
  2. Ask for the quotation. Finalize your terms of delivery and place an order.

Here is a quick basic checklist on the parameters you will need before contacting a supplier

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  1. Type of metal
    Eg: Brass, phosphor bronze, german silver, copper
  1. Chemical Composition
    Eg: CuZn40 CuZn35, CuZn37, etc for brass wires

CuSn2, CuSn5 etc for phosphor bronze wires

  1. Hardness/ Tensile Strength
  2. Shape – Round, hexagonal, square, rectangle, etc
  3. Size in mm or inches
  4. Packaging parameters
    1. spindle dimensions
    2. coil form/straight form
    3. custom requirements if any
  5. Quantity required and frequency of order